How is a questionnaire received, and how do I complete it?

You will receive a bright pink postcard in the mail entitled Official Juror Notification (see sample below). Once you receive this postcard, you should follow the directions outlining how to complete the questionnaire. There are three ways to complete this questionnaire:

1. LOG ON TO: and follow the instructions to enter your Juror ID Number.

2. TEXT: from your mobile device and text your juror ID Number. (Text response time varies by cell phone carrier.)

3. CALL: The automated phone system at (574) 413-6349 and enter your Juror ID Number using a touch tone phone.   

PLEASE NOTE: Your Juror ID Number and your Electronic Signature Number will be listed on the bright pink postcard you receive in the mail. These are needed to log on, text, or call the jury system. 



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1. How is a questionnaire received, and how do I complete it?
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