Phone Calls & Mail

Phone Calls

  • As part of the intake process for residents who have been brought into detention for a new arrest, residents are allowed one 5 minute phone call to their legal guardian.
  • A Parent/Guardian should set up an account with Inmate Solutions to be able to receive phone calls from residents. To set up this account, call 1 (800) 943-2189.
  • Regular phone calls are allowed per the resident’s level in detention.
  • Residents are allowed phone calls to telephone numbers that are approved by their Probation Officer.
  • Detention Staff will supervise all phone calls.

Phone Call Schedule

*All phone calls begin after 6:00 pm.
Level Days
Level 2 Sunday & Wednesday
Level 3 Sunday, Wednesday, & Friday
Level 4 Sunday, Monday, Wednesday, & Friday


All correspondence must be mailed/delivered by the United States Postal Service directly to the resident at Juvenile Justice Center for safety reasons. Letters and/or packages that are not mailed through the United States Postal Office will not be accepted.

Incoming Mail

  • Resident may receive mail Monday-Friday
  • All mail is screened for security purposes.
  • Stamps and any contraband (including money, pictures containing nudity, gang promotion, or drug use) will be removed from the letter before it is given to the resident.
  • If you are sending mail to Residents, use the address: 1000 S. Michigan Street, South Bend, IN 46601

Outgoing Mail

  • Blank envelopes are distributed on Fridays and collected daily. Residents are provided with two envelopes per week.
  • Postage is provided by Detention.
  • Unused postage/envelopes may not be saved for future use.