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General Improvement Location Permit


  1. 1. Property Information
  2. 2. Application Information
  3. 3. Additional Property Information
  4. 4. Project Information
  5. 5. Submit Documents and Sign
  • Property Information

    1. General Improvement Location Permit

      This form is intended for projects that required an Improvement Location Permit (ILP) but not necessarily a Building Permit. If you have a project that fits into one of the more specific ILP application, please use that form instead.

    2. Property Information

      Please fill in these fields with the information of where the sign will be located. This may be different than the applicant or property owner information.

    3. Example: 018-1234-5678

    4. Property Owner Information

      Please fill in the personal information of the property owner. This may be different than the applicant information.