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Board of Commissioners - Forms

  1. Report a Concern or Problem

    Form for a constituent to report a concern or problem

Circuit Court

  1. Complaint Form

    Form to complain about service received at Circuit Court.

County Assessor Forms

  1. Property Information

    The Assessor's Office inspects the exterior of each property. To arrive at a complete and accurate assessment, please complete the... More…

Historic Preservation Commission Forms

  1. Certificate Of Appropriateness (COA)

    This is a Certificate Of Appropriateness form for the Historic Preservation Commission.

  2. Restore Michiana Registration

    Register for Restore Michiana programs.

  1. Request For Public Information

    This is a form to request public information from the Historic Preservation Commission.

Public Works

  1. Erosion & Sediment Control Self-Inspection Form

    Trained individual shall perform an evaluation of the project site: a. By the end of the next business day following each... More…

  2. Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan (SWPPP) Permit

    Required for Land Disturbing Activities equal to or great than one (1) acre

  1. Report a Problem

Voter Registration Forms

  1. Poll Worker Sign-up Form

    Use this form to volunteer to work at a polling location on Election Day