Victim Rights in Indiana

A victim of crime has the right to be treated with fairness, dignity, and respect throughout the criminal justice process. The state of Indiana also provides for the following rights:
  1. The right to be notified of the time and place of all court proceedings and to be present at all court proceedings (except where the law forbids it)
  2. The right to be informed of his or her constitutional and statutory rights as a victim
  3. The right to be informed (upon request) if the offender is released from custody or has escaped
  4. The right to confer with the prosecutor's office before the accused is charged, before the trial, and before any sentencing in the criminal case
  5. The right to have his or her safety taken into consideration in determining release from custody of the accused
  6. The right to be heard at any hearing involving sentencing or post conviction release from custody of a convicted offender
  7. The right to make a written or oral Victim Impact Statement to be included in the pre-sentence report
  8. The right to pursue restitution and other civil remedies against the person convicted of a crime against him or her
  9. The right to be given information (upon request) about the outcome of the criminal case involving the victim, and to be given information about the conviction, sentence or release of a person accused of committing a crime against him or her
  10. The right to obtain a translator or interpreter when necessary to advise the victim of his or her rights under the law
  11. The right to be informed of services available to victims, including:
    1. Childcare and transportation services to promote victims' participation in court proceedings
    2. Crisis intervention services
    3. Health resources
    4. Legal resources
    5. Mental health services
    6. Rehabilitative services
    7. Social services
    8. Victim assistance services
    9. Violent Crimes Compensation Fund