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  1. Wed Jul. 24

    Wild Wednesdays at the Playground - St. Patrick's County Park Families, come out and enjoy hands-on programs about some of the animals that call our parks home! - St. Patrick's County Park - Jaffe Shelter Seed Flings - Seeds can travel by hitchhiking, flying, floating and or catapulting. Discover how they do it and make a "seed fling" to take with you!
  2. Sat Jul. 27

    Poker - "O" - St. Patrick's County Park In this orienteering challenge, build the best poker hand you can. Start with five cards and a map, and find checkpoints to exchange a card. You choose your route—climb the hill or go around. Run or go for a hike—it’s up to you! Best hand wins a St. Joseph County Park fun pack. Registration and payment are required by July 24.
  3. Fri Aug. 2

    Sunset Canoe and Campfire - St. Patrick's County Park Enjoy paddling by the light of the setting sun and experience the serenity and wildlife of the evening river. Afterwards relax by a campfire and enjoy a s’more. Not recommended for children 3 and under. Registration and payment are required by July 31..
  4. Sun Aug. 4

    Michiana Paddlefest - St. Patrick's County Park Paddlefest canoe and kayak events are geared toward both beginner and advanced paddling abilities. Races are held for all ages. This event is sponsored by Michiana Watershed, Inc. and St. Joseph County Parks. For more information, visit paddlefest.org.
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