Child Support

Child Support Payment

The Clerk’s Office is responsible for processing child support payments. Payments are received and processed through the state-wide Indiana Support Enforcement Tracking System (ISETS). Checks are usually mailed the next business day after a payment has been received. We also initiate, modify / update or terminate child support cases when a court order has been issued. You or your attorney are responsible for getting us a copy of this order.

Payment History

Payment histories also may be obtained through the Child Support Division. Proper identification (driver’s license) is required to obtain a copy of your payment history. This information is confidential so please notify one of our Child Support Divisions to find out who may obtain a copy. The cost to obtain your payment history is $0.05 per page.

Changing Records Information

Accurate records of both the custodial and non-custodial parents’ personal information are important and should be current at all times. If you change your address with the State of Indiana you must also change it with us. This is so all correspondence and / or checks can be mailed directly to you. Child Support checks are not forwarded if your address is found to be incorrect. All undeliverable mail is returned to the Clerk’s Office.

Please be sure you or your attorney brings a copy of the child support order to the Child Support Division of the Clerk’s Office. Name and address change requests require that a copy of your driver’s license be submitted.

All child support information is confidential in accordance with federal guidelines. 

Annual Docket Fee

Per IC 33-37-5-6, docket fees are due when the first support/maintenance payment is made each calendar year. The annual fee is $55 per year. These fees partially reimburse the county for processing child support payments. The docket fee is paid by the person responsible for paying the child support. Docket fees continue until the child is legally emancipated by order of the Court.


Docket fees may be paid in cash, money order, personal check or certified check either in person or by mail. Please indicate “Docket Fees” on your payment. 

Mail your payment: Cash, Money Order, Or Check to: 
St. Joseph County Clerk
Child Support Division
101 S. Main Street
South Bend, IN 46601
Or Mail your payment to: INSCCU
P.O. Box 6271
Indianapolis, IN 46207
Credit Card Payments: By phone @ 1-574-235-9635 or
pay by credit card online
Pay location code is: 6388
Indicate payment is for docket fees

State of Indiana Department of Child Services

For more information visit the State of Indiana Department of Child Services website or call the Child Support Customer Service Kidsline.