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We receive a number of calls asking us about the handling of different types of items that are not acceptable recycling materials. Some of the items are concrete, asphalt, furniture, clothing, propane tanks of any kind, medications, and sharps. If you have such items, please refer to other disposal servers for organizations who may accept your item.

Recycle your fishing line at St. Joseph County Parks
St. Joseph County Parks is now participating in the Berkley fishing tackle company's monofilament recycling program. Used fishing line will be accepted at St. Patrick's County Park and Ferrettie-Baugo Creek County Park any time during regular park hours. Monofilament line only - NO hooks, lures, or other debris. Any brand of line will be accepted if it is monofilament. No braided line or line that contains wire. Please place your line in a bag and hand it directly to a park staff person at the office or gatehouse. Do not leave packages at doorsteps. If you are fishing at St. Patrick's or Ferrettie-Baugo Creek County Parks and have small pieces of fishing line to dispose of, look for a collection tube on a post at the edge of the ponds. Collecting and recycling fishing line will help to keep it out of our waterways and prevent it from entangling wildlife.
St. Patrick's County Park is located on Laurel Road, just north of Auten Road in South Bend. Ferrettie-Baugo Creek County Park is located at the corner of Ash Road and Lincolnway in Osceola. For more information call (574) 674-9765

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