Questions Regarding Cost Sharing

Why a Subsidized Program?

Historically, the County’s Limited Leaf Collection Program has been funded through local income taxes, and not property taxes. The County has never had a dedicated leaf collection tax.

Over the last several years, rising costs of the Limited Leaf Collection Program has resulted in the County being able to afford fewer and fewer collection passes. Last year, the County spent in excess of $1.2 Million for two fall passes and no spring pass.

Realizing that this program was untenable in its current format and recognizing a desire among the community at large for some type of centralized leaf collection program, an ad-hoc task force was assembled consisting of a Commissioner, several Councilmen, and multiple representatives from HOAs.  This task force was charged with recommending a program that a) the County could reasonably afford in light of expected reduced income tax revenue due to the COVID-19 pandemic, b) would improve the quality of services offered, and c) help citizens with Public Health Concerns regarding leaf burning and financial concerns over personal costs.  The task force ultimately recommended a cost-sharing option whereby residents could opt-in to a program, with fees based on leaf density and the County would subsidize these costs.

This is the program that was ultimately approved by the Board of Commissioners.

Benefits of a Subsidized program?

  • Program includes a total of 5 passes, which is an increased level of service from past years
  • Participants communicate directly with the vendor which should result in better overall service
  • Residents can choose to participate or not based on individual leaf collection needs