Daily COVID-19 Updates for Portage Manor

Phased III Re-Opening Portage Manor:

Plan to stage re-opening 🙂                            6/30/21 


  1. STARTING 6/30/2021:  Day Passes: from the hours of 8a-8p daily, Residents may go to the gas station, dollar store, and tobacco store, etc. by signing out at the security desk and signing back in with security, when they return (they will have their temperature taken IF they are unvaccinated).  The security desk has the sign out form for that.   Apartments across the street are off limits. 

  1. STARTING 6/30/2021: Leave of Absence (LOA) PASSES-REQUIRE A PASS FROM THE NURSES STATION. Residents can take a LOA pass from the hours of 7a-9pm daily to go with family, church, and appointment etc; residents must have a ride or use public transportation safely.  This includes any excursion beyond the bridge. Any time you leave in a vehicle you need a pass. Passes requested outside of these hours will need prior approval from Administration. Temperature will be taken upon return and written on the LOA pass if resident is unvaccinated.  Do hand hygiene and turn pass into the nurses station.  

  1. STARTING 6/30/2021: Temperature when re-entering the building: Only unvaccinated residents are required to have their temperature taken when they return to the building from any type of excursion (day pass, LOA pass, overnight pass, and clubhouse). 

  1. STARTING 6/30/2021: Daily COVID Assessments: Only unvaccinated residents are required to have a daily COVID assessment. Fully vaccinated residents will have COVID assessment weekly.  

  1. Continuing 6/30/2021 Resident may attending clubhouse. Clubhouse will be on Monday-Friday, Residents MUST HAVE A PASS! Be in the Small Dining Room by 8a to get your packed lunch. OAKLAWN will pick up in front MAIN ENTRANCE at around 8a, residents will return per Oaklawn Transport approx. 3p.  SIGN UP PLEASE: A signup sheet will go out so lunches can be made, passes and medications can be given by nurses. Sign up list needs to be turned in to dietary no later than the day before please!  

Remember to wear your facemask and continue social distancing!   

  1. Continuing 6/30/2021: Overnight passes: are now permitted for fully vaccinated residents, (fully vaccinated is two weeks post 2nd inoculation/shot). You must have a pass & medications.  Alert your nursing station of planned overnight passes, so medications can be prepared.  Residents must have a ride or use public transportation safely. 

  1. Continuing Monday 6/30/21; Activity Outing: 

  1. Activities will coordinate a routine weekly shopping trip to Wal-Mart and shopping centers.  Residents will need to sign up to go with activities. 

  1. Activity Department will give a sign up sheet of all those going on an extended (zoo etc) outing to each nurses station  & place one in each box for the DON/ADON/MED RECORDS/ AND ADMINISTRATOR, no later than 1 day before the activity. 

  1. Each resident is required to get a pass from the nurses station in order to attend outing.  


  • THE DESIGNATED SMOKING AREA IS LOCATED OUTSIDE ONLY, use the 1st floor ramp exit/entrance. 

Physical Touch: If the resident is fully vaccinated, they can choose to have close contact (including touch) with their visitor while wearing a well-fitting face mask and performing hand-hygiene before and after. Regardless, visitors should physically distance from other residents and staff in the facility. 

If you have any questions at all please ask!!!  Robyn Challinor Administrator/Portage Manor 

Newest updates and guidance from ISDH: 

Portage Manor Residents and Staff COVID-19 Testing/Reporting

Please see below for test numbers and details as it pertains to our COVID-19 onset of cases and response/recovery. 

Facility Daily Surveillance Line for ACTIVE COVID-19 cases at Portage Manor 
DateResident/StaffCOVID TestedPersons Under InvestigationPositiveVaccinatedRecovered

Weekly Testing
Resident(s)All00122 out of 123
Unvaccinated Staff
Tested based on St. Joseph County Positivity Rate. 
All0019 out of 50

122 false positives12
151 false positive14

TESTING: All residents and staff will be tested for the SARS-CoV-2 virus that causes COVID-19, it is collected by inserting a culture swab into the nasopharyngeal space through the nares.  It is not painful, and feels like a tickle almost.  Our phlebotomist Erica has been the main collector of specimens.  We do have Nurse Liz and Nurse Kris who also are skilled to collect test too.  Portage Manor will continue to test staff every 3-7 days until further direction from ISDH and test residents who have developed symptoms of COVID-19 or who have been exposed to someone with COVID-19.  


We have made efforts to contain and combat this virus with guidance from our State Dept. of Health and Local Health Dept. All essential workers are screened at the front entrance and must pass the screening to gain access.  Anyone approved to enter the building is required to wear a face mask of medical grade and goggles/face shield at all times.  All essential workers have been asked to be responsible when not on duty to decrease risk of exposure when not at work, we have to do our part to keep everyone in our care safe any way possible. We also have worked to create visual ques and posted signs for residents to follow social distancing in the hallways, medication line, dining room, and during activities.  Sanitation of common areas has been increased and scheduled.  We have limited access to areas in the building that are encourage potential congregation and that are unsafe during this time of illness prevention. Limited visitation is being conducted as able with as much flexibility as possible while decreasing risk of exposure.  Residents are wearing mask throughout the building and have increased hand washing.  We are very encouraged by everyone's help to decrease the spread of this virus!   


1st COVID-19 vaccine clinic: 1/13/21

2nd COVID-19 vaccine clinic: 2/10/2021

3rd COVID-19 vaccine clinic: 3/10/21

Vaccine Clinics beyond these dates are being scheduled off site.

Portage Manor has 2 isolation areas:

1- "RED COVID Unit" for residents with positive test for COVID-19, it is divided by thick plastic walled areas that cannot be entered by general staff and residents who are not ill, the staff working this unit has a separate and dedicated entrance and do not enter the main building while working that unit.  PPE and all needed supplies are kept on the unit and restocked by DON.  

2- "YELLOW PUI Unit" for residents that are under investigation for COVID-19, either a roommate that tested positive, they have symptoms of COVID-19, and/or has come in close contact with someone who has newly tested positive.     

These areas were created with many hours of work and coordination with our Medical Director, Chris Quinn MD, Dr Bob Einterz from SJC Health Dept., and the Indiana State COVID surveyor, as well as help from SJC Human Resources.  The staff are challenged, but staying hopeful as we work through this together! So far these measures have proven to be a very successful plan   

ALERTS & NOTIFICATIONS: You will be alerted when we have a new onset of positive staff or resident case of COVID-19. Nightly communication will be sent out while we are having new onsets on COVID positive cases.  You will be alerted of test results.  If they are negative you will get a general text or recorded call.  If your family member or contact at Portage Manor is positive or under investigation you will receive a call from a nurse with detailed information about isolation, plan of care, and condition. A general update will go out as needed with any updated information, in an effort to keep everyone informed as best we can. 

CONTACT TRACING: Once a positive test is reported, we go to work to find out: 1- when symptoms began? 2-If the positive person has been in contact with anyone that meets exposure criteria, and may have spread it to? 3- if they have been around anyone sick and if so when?  We work to find these answers to move swiftly in containing those most likely at risk.  

I hope this answers some of your questions.  This is such a difficult time for everyone and I can only imagine the fear and concern you have for your loved ones.  Portage Manor continues to be vigilant as we combat this virus, thank you for your trust in us!

Robyn Challinor Administrator

We report our numbers to the Indiana State Department of Health, Local Health Dept, and AAA Ombudsman as needed and required.