Disfranchised Voters

Voters who are NOT currently incarcerated

Voters who have been convicted of a crime, have served time in either a county jail, or in a state or federal prison, and is now released IS eligible to register to vote.  This includes those on GPS monitoring, home detention, or community corrections, or probation.  

Voters who ARE currently incarcerated

A person convicted of a crime and imprisoned following conviction is not entitled to register to vote. If registered to vote prior to conviction and imprisonment, the person may be removed from the registration rolls following conviction and imprisonment according to IC 3-7-13-4.

For more information, call the St. Joseph County Voter Registration at 574-235-9521 or the Indiana Election Division at 317-232-3939. You may also fax the Indiana Election Division at 317-233-6793. 

The State of Indiana website has additional voter information.