The St. Joseph County Police Department seeks to recruit and hire the best qualified candidates to serve the public in a variety of positions.  All applicants are carefully screened and put through a rigorous background check.  Due to the high volume of applicants generally received by the department, the hiring process is very competitive. Candidates with a variety of skills and experiences are encouraged to apply.

Positions within the department filled by the recruiting office include: corrections officers, clerical support staff, dispatchers, jail cooks, and crossing guards.  While there are usually openings for corrections officers, many of these other positions only occasionally have openings.  Those interested in becoming police officers with our department must begin their career in one of our ancillary positions before being considered for promotion to police officer.

We have a competitive starting salary, with a generous longevity package, and a benefits package which includes medical, dental, vision, various life insurance policies in addition to a retirement program.

In addition to employment opportunities, the St. Joseph County Police Department offers internships to college students majoring in criminal justice.  Internships are limited in number and must be applied for, preferably one semester prior to the start of the internship.  Interns should have completed at least fifty percent of their credit hours needed for their degree.

For more information, please contact Sgt. Cynthia Guest at 574-245-6263.


Download the Police Department Employment Application (PDF).